December 6, 2023

The PowerWash Simulator: Back to the Future DLC now lets you clean the turret of Doc Brown’s car

the Powerwash simulator It already had a few collaborations behind it, such as the integration of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. At the beginning of September, publisher Square Enix announced its collaboration with “Back to the future” in. A newly released trailer now celebrates the release of the DLC. for 7.99 euros Not only can you scan some iconic elements from the movies, but also enjoy Easter eggs or other references. The following content is included in the new DLC:

  • Doc Brown’s truck
  • Time Machine
  • Hill Valley Clock Tower
  • Holomax Cinema (from Back to the Future 2)
  • Doc Time Train (Back to the Future III)

the New trailer You can find it here:

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Want to indulge in nostalgia with the new DLC?

source: VGC, Square Enix

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