May 18, 2024

The PGA Championship does not take place on Donald Trump's private golf course

The PGA Championship does not take place on Donald Trump’s private golf course

DrOnald Trump’s behavior in his final days as president of the United States also affected the 74-year-old’s favorite sport. The PGA Championship, one of the Big Four golf tournaments, will not take place at Trump Stadium in Bidminster, New Jersey in 2022 as originally planned. The PGA of America announced Sunday evening.

Four days earlier, supporters of the elected Trump stormed the Capitol Building in Washington, and five people were killed in the riots. Assembly President Jim Richerson said on Twitter that the assembly’s management had now reached the decision in a vote “to exercise the right to terminate the agreement.”

“Hurts us”

“It has become clear that hosting in Bidminster will harm the US PGA brand,” he added in a video message. In addition, the “many programs” of PGA and the “longevity of our mission” will be at risk. “We found ourselves in a political situation we didn’t choose,” said Seth Wu, CEO and board member of PGA of America, the AP news agency. “Our feeling after the tragic events of Wednesday was that we could no longer hold it in Bidminster. The damage would have been irreparable. The only correct course was to go.”

A Trump Organization spokesperson told ABC News that this was an “illegal breach of contract” and that he was “very disappointed with this decision.” PGA CEO Waugh did not respond to comment on potential legal action by Trump.

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