June 16, 2024


The perfect companion: the new LG gram

The perfect companion: the new LG gram

Users like sports presenter Laura Wontorra want a contemporary solution that provides them with a complete workspace, regardless of their location. Of course, video call communication also plays a big role.

In order to juggle work and private life, you need to be very well organized – even when you are away from home. As proof of this, Laura is based on the new LG gram series laptops, which are designed according to the new requirements with a large screen and light weight.

Anti-glare screen, high-quality camera and microphones
Anyone who travels a lot tries to use long wait times and travel wisely and productively. Thanks to LG gram, the office is always there: answering emails or working through to-do lists is no problem for Laura. But the notebook is not only convincing for work – for relaxation, the presenter easily closes with a good chain. The brilliant anti-reflective coating of the high-definition IPS screen makes it easier and more enjoyable to use, because working outside, in airports, on trains, restaurants, cafes and brightly lit rooms is no longer affected by reflections. LG increased peak brightness from 300 to 350 nits – also an advantage in bright environments.

For better video-conferencing performance, the new models have a Full HD infrared camera array and dual microphones with onboard AI-assisted active noise cancellation. Audio technology distinguishes between human voices and background noise. Unwanted noise is reliably filtered out, making the speakers easy to understand. For a great audio experience even without headphones, the new LG gram models are equipped with DTS: X Ultra Surround Sound technology.

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LG Glance by Mirametrix®: Privacy and Convenience

The perfect companion: the new LG gram
The perfect companion: the new LG gram

The lights are part of Laura’s everyday life, but she values ​​her privacy when she’s outside. LG Glance by Mirametrix®, new for 2022 models, helps protect its data from prying eyes. The AI-based software uses an infrared camera to detect if strangers are looking over the user’s shoulder, warns them and automatically blurs the screen. When working with an external monitor, the program blurs the screen that the user is not looking at. Innovative control is convenient: if desired, the intelligent program moves the mouse pointer and opens windows on the screen that the user is looking at. If the user moves away, the screen will be locked; Re-registration is safe and easy thanks to the face login. LG Glance also contributes to a healthy posture: if the user gets too close to the laptop or sits “wrong”, the gram will warn you if desired. All AI functions can be turned on and off individually.

More performance with the usual agility and stamina
The 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processor is 40 percent more powerful than older generation CPUs, and the new LG gram processor is packed with LPDDR5 memory and faster hard drives. Connectivity via a USB-C-compatible Thunderbolt 4 interface enables 5K video signal transmission, power supply for charging external devices (up to 15W), and data transfer up to 40Gbit/s.

Despite all the innovations, the new models are still real LG gram: they are very light (999 grams for the LG gram 14, and 1350 grams for the 17-inch flagship), and very compact compared to the diagonal screen. Laura appreciates long battery life, especially on long trips or breaks while working. Depending on the model, laptops last between 17.5 and 23.5 hours when playing videos under specific conditions (brightness 150 nits, WiFi off, playback via headphones). The LG gram 14 is equipped with a generous 72Wh battery, and the larger models offer a staggering 80W of power. Even heavy crowds at the airport are no problem: As with previous models, the chassis is made of a sturdy magnesium alloy, so Laura can always focus on her work or your favorite series.

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