The new Tamagotchi is worn on the wrist

The ’90s produced some unforgettable games, and one of them will be this year 25 years: Tamagotchi. Donate to memorial Bandai Technology upgrade for digital pets. with the Smart Tamagotchi It can be worn on the wrist.

Little has changed in the gameplay since the ’90s: the little animal must be cared for, fed and kept occupied. However, there are technical improvements. Digital pet care should be high Kotaku About touch screen And the voice control to be possible. Instead of monochrome black and white, it should be the same as before 2019 a color screen To take, to possess.

pedometer and wifi

On WLAN Tamagotchis in the vicinity should be able to communicate with each other. In addition, the game smartwatch must display the time and have an integrated pedometer. The Battery life will with 30 hours specific.

The Tamagotchi Smart is set to go on sale November 23 for 7,480 yen (57 euros). In addition, there will be additional content via additional physical “keys”, which will be sold for an additional 1,100 yen (about 8.40 euros). It is not yet known if Bandai will also offer Tamagotchi Smart outside of Japan.

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