May 18, 2024

The New Saver King Charles: A Sign of Modernity or Missed Opportunities?

The New Saver King Charles: A Sign of Modernity or Missed Opportunities?

  • Shorter party, smaller guest list: Charles III’s coronation. It is said that May 6, 2023 is very different from his mother’s day 70 years ago.
  • Our editors asked RTL-Adelsxeperte’s Michael Pegas whether this was the right decision or whether a less luxurious and glorious installation could become a revival for the royal family.

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“Your gifts of choice in the store are happy to pour.” (English: “With your gifts of choice chime in to bathe him.”) – This phrase is taken from “God Save the King” and is thus part of the United Kingdom’s national anthem.

If you believe the British media, the “coronation”, coronation Charles IIIShe will be marked with far fewer “wonderful gifts” next year than when his mother, who died in September, was inaugurated. Queen Elizabeth II Seven decades ago – even if the passage quoted at the beginning was, of course, directed at divine ‘gifts’ and not material ‘gifts’. However, the national anthem makes clear what is traditionally the highest priority of the regent in the British monarchy.

Pegas expert of the nobility: “Soft power does not fall by the wayside”

But how does this tournament fit with the austerity measures introduced by the new king? In the past few days, there have been unanimous reports in England that festivities on May 6, 2023 should be significantly smaller in scale. This is how The Telegraph lined up its readers “A simpler, shorter, more varied celebration” a. Reactions to this couldn’t be more different: while some praise the path as a true modern sign at a time of rising costs of living, others criticize the royal family’s plans.

For example, historian Andrew Roberts told the Daily Mail that with a less glamorous coronation, the royal family could miss an opportunity to “present the people and the nation on the world stage”.

With this Roberts alluded to the so-called “soft power”. The present kingdoms and their crowned heads in particular use this “soft power” to compensate for their lack of political power – on the basis of their worldview and cultural appeal, which are also implemented in the world with massive productions and jubilant crowds.

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A good example is the “Forces of Color” or “Platinum Jubilee” military parade last June on the occasion of the Queen’s 70th jubilee. In this way, the royal family has repeatedly managed to put positive signals and show a friendly human face.

Is Charles really threatening that certain “soft power” with a massive coronation? have Michael Pegas Request an evaluation. “No,” says RTL’s gentry expert and ranks critical voices: “Soft power is not underdeveloped. It is greatly reduced, but it remains visible.”

New ‘Quarter King’: That’s why royal fans won’t miss a thing

In this context, Charles is the new “Quarter King” in the view of Begas, because his coronation ceremony would be no more than a quarter the size of his mother’s coronation. By the numbers: About 8,000 guests attended the Queen’s coronation at Westminster Abbey in 1953. After “only” 70 years, Charles’ coronation would be attended by 2,000 invited people. Instead of a three to four hour celebration, May 2023 will likely be limited to one hour.

The nobility expert sees no danger that members of the British royal family will lose the interest of the people as a result of these reduction measures. On the contrary: “This quarter, which saves three-quarters of the money, will be charming, luxurious and regal at the same time. It will be full of family power and public relations so that people will not miss a thing.” May 6, 2023 will go down in history as another event of the century, as a celebration. “I’m sure we’ll see as many people on the street as at the Queen’s funeral,” he says.

The golden chariot is assigned to the new king

According to Pegasi, the king must “find the right balance”. On the other hand, the monarchy has been famous for more than 1,000 years for its coronation celebrations with pomp and glory, including a golden chariot. On the other hand, times have changed: “In 1953, when the Queen was crowned, no one asked how much the ceremony cost. At that time, the monarchy was untouchable.”

Today, in 2022, the King has to justify himself to the public, taxpayers and politicians. Pegas Charles III dares to do this balancing act. Definitely too – also thanks to the small and clever movements. One of them is the ride in the golden carriage, which is more important to the audience than the coronation itself.

The 73-year-old would benefit from this knowledge, Bigas predicts: “Charles wants to show the people that the new king is visible. What better way to prove this than with a golden chariot from which he can wave to hundreds of thousands and any—except for safety precautions. – Nothing costs?” This golden carriage may seem antique, but to Charles, it was set.

Charles III arrives in the bag of historical tricks

Thus, the Queen’s successor arrives in the bag of historical tricks. According to the expert of the nobility, what Charles is planning is in principle a continuation of what was already done by the husband of Queen Victoria, who ruled from 1837 to 1901.

Prince “You should be visible,” Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha told his wife at the time. (“You should be visible.”) It is said that Victoria and Albert held road tours so that people could see the royal couple. “We have to thank Albert for the fact that there are pictures and postcards of the royal family today,” Begas asserts. “He needed that visibility and access in the royal family.”

Look and see! Charles III also adhered to this doctrine. who seems to have recognized the signs of the times – in close consultation with his son and heir to the throne, Prince William (keyword: tandem solution). “Designing the coronation is a family decision on which the future of the British monarchy depends. William will not be able to turn the wheel back when he takes the throne one day as a young and modern king,” Begas explains.

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Downsizing is badly needed: ‘Nothing else will be updated’

Against this backdrop, the planned simplification of the coronation, which the Duke of Norfolk (Pegassah: “a royal event planner who knows traditions and customs better”) commissioned to organize, is a valid and important sign. The expert analyzes “anything else that was not up to date and would not be for sale to the population.”

However, there is no doubt that the inauguration, which is so necessary for the state, is a public relations campaign: “This measure is the main task of Charles III, who has no political power. He must shine with his presence.

With a vision of a golden future?

Or to paraphrase what Queen Victoria’s husband, who died in 1861, said: Charles should be “visible.” It was, and still is today – with one important difference: he must and want to show that the royal family can also save without losing their luster.

If this balance works, Charles, Camilla, William, Kate and their partners have the opportunity to continue the legacy of the late Queen Elizabeth II and set the course for the future. Only then will people be lavished with “best gifts” in the long run – according to the national anthems “God Save the Queen” (played June 2, 1953) and “God Save the King” (played May 6, 2023) played): “Your chosen gifts that You store it on it, you are happy to pour it.”

Buckingham Palace finally reveals the first details of King Charles III’s coronation. But the scheduled date of the celebration could once again cause the discontent of parts of the royal family. (Trailer image: Image Alliance/dpa/PA Wire/Andrew Milligan)