July 15, 2024

The last generation defends the police in a new video

The last generation defends the police in a new video

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Climate stickies decry police pain attacks — there’s grudge on the internet

Once again, police officers used pain grips on climate adhesives. Activists oppose this. But they say their protest is directed against the government.


“You don’t have to hurt me,” says a last-generation activist. “I’ll just let myself drift in peace.” Pain Handles had already been used against him in the past.


  • The Last Generation climate movement is defending itself on social media against painful police attacks.

  • In a video posted on Friday, an activist also defended the police action.

  • The video was heavily criticized, including many skeptical that the video was staged.

On Friday, the Last Generation Climate Movement posted a video to Twitter showing a police officer performing another swipe. “You don’t have to hurt me,” says the activist, “I’ll just let myself drift in peace.”

Then he says, “I’ve had bouts of pain with police today and in the past. It’s painful and could have been avoided. When I go to protest, I do so out of love for all my fellow human beings and out of fear of how they will act if the federal government continues to act unjustly.” responsible to us to the climate catastrophe Falling down.” He also says he goes into protest out of love for the police, “out of respect for the fact that they protect our constitutional state every single day.” The police are not responsible for the “irresponsibility of government.” They also depend on government finding a way to bring people to a climate-friendly future.

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The climate movement has been properly attacked for the video in the comments. Many believe that the video was staged. Is there a working remote control next to the camera? You obviously think your fellow human beings are completely insane,” one comment. Another wrote that it looked as if the activist had gotten “this lecture”. These are the best comments below the video.

Others stand behind the activists. Userak writes: “It’s just abuse. The police should be held accountable for it.”

Another activist, Lennart, says he now has a broken wrist from a painful grip. He says in a video: “On Wednesday, a police officer broke his wrist while clearing a blockage with a pain fist. It makes me angry at first, but he definitely didn’t do it on purpose.”

“Sit here in peace.”

last week A video on social media sparked discussions. Officials continue the scene Street activist, using what is called pain holds. The police’s actions have been criticized in many places. As announced by the Berlin police, they are checking the video circulating on the Internet for possible misconduct by police officers. The recordings are from “MDR Investigativ” and were taken at a climate poster protest held on April 20 in Berlin. An officer first tells an activist sitting in the street to move out of the way.

Then I would like you to go there now. Otherwise, I will make you suffer,” the official said in the video. The young man replied, “I am sitting here in peace and you only want to take me away.” The activist does not move, so the police officer counts down from three and then, with the help of a colleague, lifts the activist off the street and kills him away. The way he did this sparked debate.

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