Canadian Police Baffled – Who Owns This Bell?

Found at the thief

Canadian Police Baffled – Who Owns This Swiss Bell?

Police in the Canadian city of Abbotsford found a Swiss bell on the house of one of the thieves while searching it. The bell comes from the canton of Bern.


This Swiss bell is no longer owner.


  • The Swiss bell originally comes from Emmental.

  • These bells are sold as souvenirs all over the world.

  • Canadian police are now looking for the owner.

In the city of Abbotsford in the Canadian province of British Columbia, the police made a private discovery during a home search, as pictures on social media showed. The police posted one photo on Facebook Swiss cowboy He wrote, “Over the past week, our frontline officers have confiscated this bell in the arrest of one of the perpetrators. We know it is not his and we want it back to its owner.”

The search for the owner has been going on since the beginning of April 2023. Funny comments can also be found under the police post on Facebook. One user writes: “What a beauty.” Others write that the police should ask the local curling club. In 2017 as well as in 2021 World Curling Championship In Canada, a user wrote that Swiss fans have something like this with them.

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popular souvenir

Like the Swiss news portal He writes, the bell comes from Swiss production. Angela Blaser of Blaser Saddlery, which also makes bells: “The decorations make us think of the Berger bell foundry.” As requested by, Emmentaler Giesserei then confirmed that the bell came from their production.

And how did the Swiss cow chowder end up in Abbotsford, Canada, near Vancouver? “The bells are often brought to other countries as company gifts, gifts from private visitors, or as special souvenirs,” says Angela Placer. Like Swiss chocolate, cowbells are popular souvenirs.

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