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Resin is found between France and Italy, and not only since today. But in reality, the two governments should work together on the issue of immigration – because interests overlap.

France’s interior minister said in an interview that Giorgia Meloni and her “far-right government” are “powerless” to solve the immigration problem. In Italian it means “deficit,” a harsh word that has caused anger to flare up in Rome since yesterday.

It is by no means the first crisis between the two governments in Rome and Paris. Money is often at stake, for example, whether Italian or French companies are producing gas in Egypt or Libya. Or the terrorists of the “Red Brigades” who the French judiciary absolutely does not want to extradite.

Domestic politics plays an important role

Or, in detail: Prime Minister Meloni has been in office since October, but he has not visited President Macron at the Elysee. You clearly don’t like each other and don’t want anything to do with it.

Certainly, the government in Paris is liberal and that in Rome is the far right. But there were also disagreements when politicians of the same political belief ruled in both countries.


There is an ice age between Emmanuel Macron (left, in conversation) and Georgia Meloni (center).

European Patent Office / Stephanie Lecoq

When things get tough between France and Italy, it usually has to do with very real and tangible interests. Right now about migration: it is likely that by the end of the year more than 100,000 refugees and migrants will be translated from Tunisia and Libya. So the government in Rome does not care because many newcomers quickly leave for Switzerland, but above all for France. On the contrary, one is secretly glad of it.

However, this causes a lot of trouble in Paris, because this illegal immigration is the basis of the mill for the populist right-wing National Rally, which is leading in opinion polls. The harsh words of the French Minister of the Interior were motivated by domestic politics, but nonetheless led to a falling out with Rome.

Solidarity will actually be referred to

Both countries are expected to be completely overwhelmed if the number of refugees increases even further. A solution is needed at the European level. There has long been debate over the distribution of arrivals among EU countries or resettlement agreements with African countries.

In order to achieve this, Rome and Paris will have to work together; They will have a better chance of getting things done. Yes, the Italian Foreign Minister’s plane to Paris did not take off yesterday.

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