Brit mocks tampon scandal before coronation

King Charles, 74, will be crowned in London on Saturday. Preparations are in full swing. The main royal event is being drawn to attention across the country.

But you have to have a little fun. A British supermarket allowed itself a little quip.

A banner reading “Let’s Celebrate the Coronation of the King” was hung in front of the tampon rack! The scroll caused a smile on Twitter. Someone laughs: “This is so funny, it’s hard to take it all in at once.”

The background to the whole thing is, of course, Charles’ famous tampon scandal. It is about an inappropriate and recorded phone call between him and Camila in 1989.

“God, I should live in your pants or something,” whispered the King. “What do you want to change into, a panty?” the Queen of the Day replied at the time. Oh, so you’ll be back as Slip.”

Charles, who was in love, loved it. He said: Or God forbid a stopper. Oops!

The Gate Stopper made headlines around the world at the time. Not least because Charles was still married to Princess Diana (36).

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