February 29, 2024

The house sparrow is the most common winter bird – science

The house sparrow was seen frequently on the “Winter Bird Watch.” The second and third places are surprising.

Berlin (dpa) – The house sparrow is currently the most frequently seen bird in gardens and parks in Germany. This comes through the participatory campaign “Winter Bird Hour”, announced by the German Society for Nature Conservation (NABO) in Berlin and the Bavarian State Society for the Conservation of Birds and Nature (LBV).

The house sparrow was also one of the most commonly seen birds last year. Surprisingly, according to Nabu, great tits and blue tits rank second and third. In general, forest bird species such as great tits, grebes, great spotted woodpeckers and jays are frequently discovered as guests in gardens and parks. In addition, twice as many cranes were seen leaving the lowlands of northern Germany than in 2023.

Great interest in the participation campaign

According to the two organisations, more than 130,000 people took part in what they said was the largest science engagement campaign in Germany this time – nearly a third more than last year. “We are very pleased with this great interest in nature,” said Leif Miller, managing director of Nabu.

To participate in this activity, volunteers must spend an hour on the first weekend in January observing birds at their feeders in gardens, parks or on porches. According to Napo, citizens reported an average of 35 birds in each park (34 birds last year). The campaign took place for the fourteenth time. With the help of long-term observations, experts want to obtain information about how the world of local birds is changing.

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The next bird count is the Garden Bird Hour. It takes place from May 9 to 12. Science projects that citizens can participate in are also known as citizen science.

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