July 12, 2024

The German team is stronger than ever

The German team is stronger than ever

The goal for the World Cup is clearly laid out: national coach Gordon Herbert and playmaker Dennis Schroeder (L.) have their sights firmly set on a medal.
Image: dpa

Germany’s best team ever: National coach Herbert’s team won a medal at the Basketball World Championship. But when things are tight, something is still missing.

EIt has been a successful summer so far for the national teams of the German Basketball Federation. A sixth place finish at the Women’s European Championships earned her a place at the Olympic Games in Paris. Things went much better for the men too, with the U18s taking bronze in the continental title fight, the U16s in fifth and the U20s in sixth impressing in their matches. The German basketball players have a powerful wind in their sails, with the drive to first enter the medal harbor now.

This Friday at 2:10 PM German time (Live on MagentaSport) the World Championship in East Asia begins for the men’s national team. In their opening match, national coach Gordon Herbert’s side take on one of the host nations, Japan. Both the coach and the players have clearly framed a medal as their goal. After bronze at last year’s domestic European Championships, this will be the next step towards outright world No. 1 – and the team has the quality to take it.