The Geissens: The secret of their yacht

Luxury, glamor and charm – These are Geissens. At RTLZWEI, the family lets Germany take part in their luxurious lives. but Is this all really true?

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Not all gold glitters, but does everything show more than sparkle with Geissens? already since 2011 TV formats are also flashing Robert Jesshis wife Carmen And the two daughters Shania And Davina across screens.

On RTLZWEI, the Geiss family likes to present themselves as a wealthy family living a life of luxury. But is this really true? A Business Insider report revealed that some of the family-owned businesses did not report profits or even losses in 2019 and 2020.

However, the family itself is reportedly not threatened with bankruptcy. Robert Jess He always looks funny and laid back on TV and is fun for everyone. Professionally, a businessman deals a little differently and is considered a shrewd businessman who invests in different companies. including in CapBridge Ventures GmbH, which turned out to be a bad investment. By the way, his fortune depends on the fashion brand.”Uncle SamThe two middle The nineties for approx 70 million euros Sold.

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Also interesting:

lawyer Von Robert Gess explained to the photo: “Mr. Jess was very young when he founded his company with his brother from his own financial resources and through this experience he has always supported and promoted young innovative ideas and companies as an entrepreneur. That is why Herr Gess thinks so Particularly unfortunate that a nominally smaller investment for him, an affair of the heart, has not been made for more than 12 months, and he also assumes pandemic the condition. It is planned to create a fund to finance young, innovative and promising startups in order to promote the Youth entrepreneurship to contribute. Unfortunately, the company has not been able to manage the creation of the fund yet. Despite the known participants, the project could not be implemented.

The Geissens: Robert Geis completely despondent: “My money’s running out!”

The facts about the luxury yacht “Indigo Star”, on which the Geis family likes to appear in their reality TV show “The Geissens – a terribly charming family”, are especially amazing. the Yacht Not particularly owned by Robert Jess, but to “Ghost Shipping Company SAHowever, his shares in the company are not clear. According to reports from Bild, the company is headquartered in Maine IslandA tax haven between Ireland and the United Kingdom.

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