July 17, 2024

The future king turns 10: this is how Prince George celebrates his birthday

The future king turns 10: this is how Prince George celebrates his birthday

Now he’s officially a teen: Prince George, who was born in London on July 22, 2013, celebrates his 10th birthday today, Saturday. In honor of the big day, the palace posted a new photo of the prince on Friday. George is sitting on a staircase, laughing, in a plaid shirt rolled up.

Weekend life without employees

A fairly ordinary outfit, to which his mother Kate (41), Princess of Wales, always attached great importance. In general, children George (10 years old), Charlotte (8 years old) and Louis (5 years old) should grow up as normally as possible. They often spend the weekend with Kate’s parents, Carol and Michael Middleton. Kids play in the garden and cook by themselves – no staff.

Prince George has been allowed to invite some friends from school to his birthday party on Saturday afternoon. Mama Kate is baking a cake and the theme of the festival is football. There will hardly be any public recordings of the celebration, experts believe.

Private tennis lesson with King Roger

George is not only a football fan, but also a tennis fan. As an advance gift, Kate reportedly organized Swiss tennis star Roger Federer (41) to come give George a private tennis lesson. Federer has been a friend of the royal family for years.

George knew from the age of seven that he would one day rule the country. It is said that the prince told his parents: “When I am king, I will save the animals.” George is second in line to the English throne, and his father, William, 41, Prince of Wales, is crowned king before him. George Charles’s grandfather (74) is currently the King of Great Britain.

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