December 7, 2023

One-stop shop and photographers from Zurich Tourism

One-stop shop and photographers from Zurich Tourism

Positive experience allows the guest to return. Zürich Tourism creates memories with the free Zürich City Guide app and professional photographers.

What do you remember when you came back from a trip? Often an extraordinary experience. Things you didn’t expect. Find the unexpected in the Zurich City Guide app. It is the key to Zurich and serves travelers as a one-stop shop and link to Zurich Tourism.

Always digitally one step ahead, it will soon have everything you need for a successful stay. And if something is still missing, the experts from Zurich Tourism can be reached with just one click. The app goes beyond just information or inspiration. The goal is to make it easy to book shows and tickets as a central element.[RELATED]

As early as October, in addition to the Zurich Card, tours, entrance to museums or concerts, tickets for public transport and even tables can be booked directly. More features will follow. Thanks to the Zurich City Guide app, the on-site experience becomes a carefree and barrier-free fun for the guest.

professional photographers
Professional photographers are already on duty for tourists. They record their experiences in pictures. No shaky images, cut edges, or blurred features. The photographers – under the auspices of the Zurich Tourism Authority – approach people in tourist hotspots and take pictures either using the guest’s mobile phone or using their professional camera. Recent photos can be downloaded for free from the Zurich Tourism website. In addition to creating perfect memories (photos), photographers give tips for a successful stay in Limmatt and refer guests to mobile tourist information, also located in the city center and in the lake basin.

Zurich Tourism is responsible for marketing the destination and thus the tourism brand of the city and region of Zurich as a diverse tourist destination. Zürich Tourism employs more than 60 people and is active in the markets of Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, North America, Italy, France and Spain as well as in the markets of Brazil, Russia, India, China, the Gulf states and Southeast Asia. Zurich offers the destination for leisure guests and business travelers nature, culture, art, shopping and gastronomy – all in the immediate vicinity.

Free guided tours on the occasion of World Tourism Day
Locals can also look forward to a special on-site experience. On the occasion of World Tourism Day on September 27, 2022, Zurich Tourism is offering a selection of guided tours free of charge to local residents. All tours take place on the weekend of September 24 and 25. Everyone who is at home in the holiday destination in Zurich benefits from this campaign. They learn about their city from a new perspective and deepen their knowledge. This makes them even better ambassadors. Good ambassadors, in turn, inspire positive impressions of guests. It leads to a great on-site experience that guests take home and tell others about.