April 23, 2024

The foreign minister said Trump's election is the key to good US-Hungarian relations

Secretary of State Peter Szijardo (L.) and Donald Trump (R.)

The liberal centrist's master plan failed in the US because it could not exclude favorite Donald Trump from the primaries, who won a landslide victory in the super-election, the Hungarian foreign minister explained.

Péter Szijjártó commented on this at a joint press conference with his Bosnian counterpart, Elmedin Konaković, where he welcomed the fact, answering a journalist's question.

The master plan of the liberal mainstream to eliminate the liberal candidate from the race in America has failed miserably.

The Democratic Party must face Donald Trump in the Democratic race following the US Supreme Court ruling.

He said it was an important victory for the rule of law, but missed comments from Brussels about the extent to which an official deciding who to vote in primaries in some US states violates universal European values. Who is allowed to run in the presidential election and who is not?

However, according to Peter Szyjardo, “It's their business, and if it suits the Americans, there's no need to deal with it.” “We have always respected the decisions of citizens of other countries about their own leaders,” he added. Of course, this also applies to America.

The minister pointed out

Politics is a form of experience, and Hungary's experience is that relations between the two countries were once better during Donald Trump's tenure.

“We look forward to a similar good political relationship with the United States again, which we have been open to for the past four years,” he explained. However, Peter Szijjardo says that similar intentions are not faced on the other side of the ocean. “So we understand and respect that and shape our foreign policy part accordingly,” he added.

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“It is definitely in our interest to create the conditions to raise US-Hungarian relations to a higher level again. I think the way to get there is through the election of Donald Trump,” the foreign minister emphasized.

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