June 24, 2024

Heat pumps and biomass – the perfect synergy

Why combine hot water and biomass heat pumps?

Hot water heat pumps in Austria Email not only provide significant CO2 savings and a green footprint, but also ensure a high level of operational safety. When replacing your heating system, turning the heat pump on early enables smooth hot water production, as you can replace an old fossil fuel system with a biomass system.

  • Cost effectiveness: Lower acquisition costs and ongoing expenses for fuel, fire inspections, insurance and reduced fuel use reduce overall costs.
  • Easy installation: No extensive structural changes are required. AE hot water heat pumps are easy to use and easy to install.
  • Innovative technology: Integrating photovoltaic electricity, using high efficiency without losing standby and benefiting from additional cooling and dehumidification of room air.
  • Space efficiency: Our compact hot water heat pumps require a maximum installation space of 1 square meter, so you can save valuable space.

More information can be found here.

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