June 21, 2024

The flu season may continue into the summer this year

The flu season may continue into the summer this year

However, compared to 2020, it is an increase. The return of the flu virus could be the start of an unusually long flu season that could extend into the summer, said Bassi Bentinen, a flu expert at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“If we start lifting all the measures, there is a huge concern that we may move away from normal seasonal patterns because we have had almost no spread in the European population for a long time,” he said.

Flu season usually ends in May. Breaking up the stricter measures may cause the flu to spread next. The simultaneous occurrence of Covid-19 and the flu can strain already strained health systems.

epidemic in france

There are the first signs of this in France, where three regions, including those around Paris, are already facing a flu epidemic. So far this season, France has recorded 72 cases of acute influenza, with six deaths.

To make matters worse, this year’s strain of influenza is causing serious cases in the elderly. It is still too early to make a definitive assessment of the effectiveness of influenza vaccines used for protection. However, lab tests will show that this year’s vaccines were not perfect. Because of the severe deterioration of influenza last year, there is not enough data to assess the effectiveness of vaccinations this season.

There is currently no measurable viral activity in Austria. According to the Center for Virology at MedUni Vienna, there is currently only sporadic evidence of the virus in this country. The first case of double infection with influenza and Covid-19 was recently reported.

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