Interview with Marcel Salati and Christian Althaus – “We Propose a Crisis Team”

“We suggest a crisis team”

Epidemiologists Christian Althaus (left) and Marcel Salati.

Mr Salathé, Mr Althaus, two years into the pandemic, the Federal Council believes that Switzerland has done nothing bad in overcoming the crisis so far. Agree?

Slathe: In general, yes. But it’s not about black and white in a pandemic: There is also a lot of potential for improvement. With our new paper Looking at future crises, we want to show exactly what needs improvement.

Althouse: Switzerland has very good preconditions for overcoming the epidemic. We have a strong economy, internationally interconnected sciences, good social and economic conditions, and an excellent healthcare system. This allowed us to get through the epidemic reasonably well with relatively moderate measures. However, our goal should not be compromise, but rather proactive crisis management in order to set a positive example in Europe.

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