December 8, 2023

The contract with AstraZeneca is 'crystal clear'

The contract with AstraZeneca is ‘crystal clear’

eEuropean Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has defended the European Union’s coronavirus vaccination strategy and urged the manufacturer, Astra-Zeneca, to make clear handover commitments. “What I am asking for is transparency and planning for security,” said von der Leyen of Deutschland Funk.

A week ago, the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company announced, very suddenly and without reasonable explanation, that it was cutting delivery. European Union orders are binding, not restrictive. “The contract is crystal clear,” said von der Leyen. To prove this, they want the document to be published on Friday.

Excerpts from the contract between the European Union and Astra-Zeneca seem to confirm this. According to Deutschlandfunk, it was agreed that “contrary to what the company claims, two factories in Great Britain were also planned to produce vaccines for the European Union”.

According to the announcer, Astra-Zeneca asserts in the contract that “the group has not entered into any agreements with third parties” preventing the first batch of vaccines from being delivered to the European Union. Thus, the contract conflicts with statements by Astra Zeneca President Pascal Soriot, who said that British factories are exclusively dedicated to supplying vaccines to Great Britain.