July 16, 2024

The battle for the continued existence of the United Kingdom is taking place on «kleinezeitung.at»

The battle for the continued existence of the United Kingdom is taking place on «kleinezeitung.at»

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Both Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon from Scotland can boost their positions at the polls. The victory of the Scottish Nationalists does not bode well for the continued existence of national unity.

to Our correspondent Peter Nonnenmacher is in London | 16.46, 09. May 2021

Scottish Prime Minister Nicolas Sturgeon pushes for a new referendum on independence © (c) AP (Scott Hebel)

Recent elections in England, Scotland and Wales have highlighted the current mood in Britain. First of all, the vaccination successes of the past few months have created a new optimism that was unimaginable in the winter.

All three governments of Great Britain – the ones in London, In the Edinburgh And inside Cardiff – They took advantage of it. Instead of suffering from the usual fatigue in the middle of the term, government officials found themselves without exception supported by voters. Boris Johnson, Nicola Sturgeon of Scotland, and Labor Prime Minister Mark Drakeford, in Wales, strengthened their positions on this situation.

no wonder. The Covid crisis has created a public platform for all of them to present themselves as resolute fighters against the pandemic. And the success of the British Immunization Program, unprecedented in Western Europe, contributed to its widespread approval.

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