TBWA Zurich: Naomi Lahren sings for the Emmys

The Emmi brand stands for “Product Diversity and Quality Products”, which has also been the focus of past communications. TBWA \ Zürich is now implementing a purpose campaign for its debut bestseller “Emmi Caffè Latte”, which will be shown in seven countries, the agency wrote in a statement.

The focus is on the human need for self-actualization, which is often overlooked in the hectic daily life. “We often lack grit, motivation,” she says. This is where Emmi Caffè Latte comes in: the products accompany the target group and allow them to take a deep breath, be brave and dare something new. The result is the “Ok.Go!” , which makes “Emmi Caffè Latte” the right sidekick in consumers’ lives and encourages them to say “Ok.Go!” Often in life’s small and big moments. to tell himself.

The multi-year campaign consists of three points around three heroes who reveal their “Ok.Go!” moment. decisive in their lives. R’n’B artist Naomi Lahren begins. She will be followed by director Joelle Cartier and artist Una Sadkowski.

In addition to focusing on the heroes, additional product groups are placed for online, DOOH display ads, where an “Emmi Caffè Latte” greets the target group with an “Ok-Go!” Supported and motivated.

Emmi’s Officer: Yvonne Baumgartner (Global Head of RTD Coffee) Sarah Larwood (Global Head of RTD Coffee), Stephanie Herbers (Global Marketing Director Jr.) Ulla Fetscher (Global Marketing Director), Mélanie Thurau (Global Marketing Director), Yannik Tschan (Global ) Social Media Manager), Nina Girardot (Head of Aimee Café Latte Switzerland), Mathurin Plumer (Brand Manager Aimee Café Latte Switzerland), Bettina Gubler (Intern); TBWA \ Zürich Administrator: Manuel Wenzel, Hanja Heuss, Angelo Sciullo, Katharina Binder, Sarah Rüegger, Alisea Ferrara, Selina Engeli (Creation) Lukas Diem, Clara Burki (Strategy) Sina Gelin (Consulting) Toni Rubera, Noemi Rubera (Image Editing) and DTP) Fabrice Studer, Domenico Catena, Karl Hofmann (video); Production Partners: Joel Cartier Studios, Jingle Jungle. (pd/cbe)

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