May 23, 2024

Switzerland: Why brussels sprouts are coming from England despite the absence of vegetables

Switzerland imports vegetables from England. Despite the crisis in Great Britain, vegetables from the island still end up in our stores, although the proportion is very small.


Lately one reads often Empty vegetable shelves Inside British supermarkets – Fortunately in this country the Swiss is still an image to get used to. Especially in winter, when local vegetables become scarce, the Switzerland In one A steady flow of imports let go Vegetables also come to us from Great Britain, albeit at a much lower rate: less than 1% of all vegetable imports come from the United Kingdom, although 700 tonnes of vegetables have always reached Switzerland in the last 10 years.

Beans and Brussels sprouts from Great Britain

When the vegetables are added Pulses According to the Swiss-Impex site of the Federal Customs and Border Protection Office Mostly imported goods – Three-quarters of vegetable imports from England fall into this category. It probably should Especially beans Because Great Britain is one of the largest producers of beans in the world. A good 30 tons per year, a calculable amount falls under the category of “carrots and carrots, turnips, beetroot, black salsify, celeriac, radishes and similar edible roots”. 20 tons of Brussels sprouts Imported from England every year.

When it comes to Brussels sprouts, Great Britain is one of the main growing countries in Europe, along with the Netherlands and France, and Swiss director Christian Som confirms that imports of Brussels sprouts have indeed shifted to Great Britain. Fruit, Vegetable and Potato Traders Association Swisscofel. “According to our member vegetable grower and marketer Proveg AG, the import of Brussels sprouts starts in the Netherlands and then goes to Great Britain – depending on the amount available in the Netherlands,” says Christian Somme.

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Imports decline due to shortage of vegetables

Based on import outside England But absolutely Insignificant. “Accordingly, Switzerland has no influence on the distribution problem in Great Britain – not because of the very small amount anyway,” explains the Swisscofel director. The shortage of vegetables there is primarily related to the so-called hot house crops from Spain and North Africa – that is, vegetables and fruits produced in greenhouses – and this year is difficult to find in these countries and the producers are large. Britain will no longer produce because of a sharp rise in energy prices.

Reflects reality Lack of vegetables The UK also reflected recent imports to Switzerland, which fell to an all-time low since November 2022 and less than a tonne per month since then. (close)