June 21, 2024

Switzerland celebrates its fourth victory over Great Britain

The Swiss celebrated their fourth victory in their fourth World Cup match against Great Britain – but they were not entirely satisfied.Image: Cornerstone

The Swiss national ice hockey team maintained its unbeaten streak in the fourth game of the World Cup in Prague. Patrick Fisher’s side easily beat Great Britain 3-0.

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Players repeatedly stress that there are no longer any “small” teams in the World Cup. However, there was a clear class difference between Switzerland and Great Britain, especially at the beginning. The shooting percentage after 20 minutes was 14:2. In this regard, the most difficult thing for the candidate was to maintain high concentration, which he succeeded in to some extent. However, the ice hockey team did little more than the bare minimum after the first intermission and the intensity of the game was low. The British were harmless even in the power game.

Nico Hischier gave the Swiss team the lead in the fourth minute. The New Jersey Devils players were positioned in the right place in front of the goal and scored with a direct shot after Roman Josi’s shot from a tight angle hit the crossbar. Hischier once again showed his good nose for game situations and scored his fourth goal of the tournament.

Two minutes earlier, Kevin Fiala missed a penalty kick against British goalkeeper Jackson Weasel. It was Dean Kukan who was responsible for a 2-0 lead in the 14th minute, as the Swiss champion ZSC Lions defender capitalized on a whistle error. The 3-0 score (39th minute), scored by Nino Niederreiter in the majority, was also solid. As in the 1-0 win, Yossi also contributed to Switzerland’s eighth goal of the current World Cup, and now has eight points (two goals). Fiala also had two assists against the Britons.

“The final efficiency was missing, but the English did it well. We are happy that we did not lag behind and were able to win all four matches.

Coach Patrick Fisher

In the final third, the main question was whether Swiss goalkeeper Akira Schmid would celebrate from the start in his first World Cup appearance. This was the case. The 24-year-old from Emmental, part of the Devils organization, had a comfortable evening and only had to stop 15 shots. He has mastered some difficult situations brilliantly.

For the Swiss, Tristan Chéroy, who had been suffering from a minor illness, returned to the lineup, while Gaetan Haas missed the third match in a row. Switzerland’s next match will be held on Saturday. They then face Denmark at 12:20 p.m.

“We had the right attitude from the start, we moved forward and always played simply. It was definitely a better start than the other games. We are on a good path. Against the Czech Republic we showed how we should play, we were composed today as well, but we still need To improve.

Coach Patrick Fisher

Switzerland – Great Britain 3:0 (2:0, 1:0, 0:0)
Prague. 15,239 spectators. SR Ansons/Heikkinen (LAT/FIN), Hefner/Lundgren (GER/SWE).
Portals: 4. Hischier (Jozy, Fiala) 1:0. 14. Kocan (Siegenthaler, Herzog) 2:0. 39. Niederreiter (Fiala, Jossi/Dodd eliminated) 3:0.
punish: 5 times and 2 minutes against Switzerland, 5 times and 2 minutes against Great Britain.
Switzerland: Smith; Glauser, Josie; Kokan, Seigenthaler; Lovell, Marty; young man; Shiroy, Thurkov, Coracho; Bertschi, Hesher, Fiala; andrigetto, hunter, lowrider; Simon, Centler, Duke; Ampoule.
Great Britain: whistle; Phillips, O’Connor. Musi, batch; Halpert, Titlow. Richardson, Rob. Curran, Berlini, Kirk; Dodd, Nelson, Lake; Bettridge, Lachowich, Norris; Duggan, Davies, Chodra.
comments: Switzerland is without Haas (injured), Vora, Pera (both surplus) and Ginoni (replacement goalkeeper). – 2. Fiala failed to take a penalty kick on the referee’s whistle. – Shots against the post from the crossbar: 4. Yossi, 11. Simeon, 29. Sentellier. Shots: Switzerland 30 (14-11-5); Great Britain 15 (2-9-4). – Powerplay Return: Switzerland 1/5; Great Britain 0/5.


HCD, SCB, ZSC and? These clubs have already become champions of Swiss hockey


HCD, SCB, ZSC and? These clubs have already become champions of Swiss hockey

Davos Summit Conference: 31 titles, 6 since 1986; Last champion: 2015.

Source: Keystone / Ennio Lenza

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