June 24, 2024

Next extension: Picard also remains loyal to Grizzlies Wolfsburg

Next extension: Picard also remains loyal to Grizzlies Wolfsburg

Grizzlies Wolfsburg has signed the following contract extension: Chet Pickard’s goalkeeper has extended his paperwork until 2022. DEL announced this Thursday morning. Valentin Bush, Spencer Machach, Dominic Bettner, Janic Moser, Sebastian Furchner and Julian Melchior previously extended their contracts.


The German Canadian Picard will be in his third year with Lower Saxony, and he will also form the goalkeeper team with Dustin Strahlmeier next season.

“We are very happy that we were able to clarify the important goalkeeper positions at an early stage and that with ‘Picks’ and ‘Strhley’ we will have a strong team that has really managed to capture one point or another at the moment in the season,” Grizzlys manager Charly Fliegauf exclaims: “Chet is an absolute team player we can always count on.”

After working in the USA, Canada, Sweden and Denmark, Pickard moved to DEL in 2015. Since then, he has played for Iserlohn Roosters for two years (54 matches) and then wore the Adler Mannheim shirt for that long (42 matches), which he became champion with. For Germany in 2019.

The 31-year-old moved to Wolfsburg last season and played 21 games for the Grizzlies in his first year. This season, Pickard is among the posts in eleven matches and has a 91.4 percent pickup rate and an average of 2.52 goals against him.

“The decision to accept the offer was an easy one for us,” said Pickard. My wife and daughter feel very comfortable here. “

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A quick overview of contract periods for grizzlies

Tor: Dustin Strahlmeier (2022) Chet Pickard (2022); defense: Dominic Bettner (2023), Armin Worm (2022), Janick Moser (2023), Stephen Rapp (2023), Julian Melchiory (2022), Philip Progiser (2022); Sturm: Sebastian Furchner (2022), Tutu Risch (2022), Gerrit Fauser (2023), Valentin Busch (2023), Jean Nigenhuis (2022), Phil Hengiker (2022), Fabio Pfull (2022), Spencer Machack (2022). Jan Nijenhuis never mentioned the length of the contract, but according to director Charly Fliegauf, he is committed to beyond 2021.