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As part of State of Play, developer BlueTwelve Studio and publisher Annapurna Interactive have once again shown game scenes from Stray Adventure. stray. In addition to all-new game scenes, adventure and extravagant action finally got a release date.

The title will be released for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on July 19, 2022. For PlayStation Plus Deluxe and PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers, the title must be available free of charge at launch.

From HK_Project to Stray

Stray was first announced in GIF form as HK_Project. In April 2016, Annapurna Interactive joined forces with BlueTwelve Studio to help develop Stray. The goal was to create a unique gaming experience as a cat. The developers were inspired by their own cats Murtaugh and Riggs, and several of the team’s cat owners were able to provide plenty of input.

As a cat, you develop your own perspective. So players can sneak under cars or strut on rooftops, while the townspeople don’t even notice your presence. If you want to get attention, you can do so with an annoying meow, for example.

The new trailer:


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