April 13, 2024

Twitch bans 'Amoranth' for the fourth time

Twitch bans ‘Amoranth’ for the fourth time

Known as “Amouranth,” singer Kaitlyn Siragosa has now been banned from Twitch again. It is said that the reason was a strange video by the name of ASMR.

The basics in brief

  • For nearly a year now, Twitch Streamer “Amouranth” has been under frequent criticism.
  • Last weekend, there was a fourth ban on Kaitlyn Siragosa.
  • After the hot tub controversy, ASMR content is said to be to blame this time around.

In September two years ago Broadcast platform banned First time user “Amoranth” twitched because of an elf. Now there is a fourth ban on Kaitlyn Siragosa. A bizarre ASMR video with a pigeon mask probably got the ball rolling this time around.

Neither Twitch nor Amoranth commented on the spell

Last June 19, cosplayer’s current broadcasting stopped abruptly when the ban went into effect. Neither Twitch nor the operator itself has provided a reason or more precise details about the fourth ban.

However, some fans are skeptical that there is an ASMR video in which Kaitlyn is seen wearing a dove mask. Maybe it was the same party For seasoned Twitch viewers Strange experience.

Amouranth has already been heavily criticized in the past for its hot tub currents. Introduce many of the streamers themselves here by wearing a livestream of them lightly dressed while showering. This was especially annoying for the different ends of the stream, which Because of the less offensive content been banned.

Accordingly, Streaming Fellows are malicious in connection with the current ban. How long Kaitlyn’s ban will last is unknown. However, in the past, Twitch has never been banned for more than three days.

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