Storms in Austria too – Heavy flooding sweeps Hallen in Austria – News

Storms in Austria Too – Heavy Floods Flow Through Hallen in Austria – News – SRF

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  • While the tense situation in Switzerland has eased somewhat, parts of Austria are threatened by severe flooding.
  • On Saturday evening, the city of Hallen, near Salzburg, was flooded, as videos appear on social media.
  • Drain the water in the late evening. So far, there have been no reports of injuries or even deaths.

After heavy rain, parts of downtown Hallen near Salzburg in Austria were flooded. Police confirmed Saturday that the stream has developed into a raging stream, and can be viewed online.

“The situation is very tense and dramatic at times,” a police spokesman said. The videos show how cars are carried away by water blocks. Residents have already been called to be vigilant and not to go into the cellars.

There are no reports of injuries or deaths

According to the fire brigade, there were no reports of missing, injured, or even dead people late in the evening. State fire brigade chief Gunter Trinker said people who were confined to their homes were rescued with the help of boats or trucks.

The situation is also tense in other parts of the Austrian Alps. Firefighters had to pump several cellars around Kitzbühel.

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