February 24, 2024

Steam players complain about the success of the new shooter: developers react immediately

New Steam shooter The Finals is delighting hundreds of thousands of players, but there is criticism in the reviews. The developer reacts quickly and explains that the problem does not exist.

In game show style, with high-speed FPS action and destructible environments, The Finals wants to score points with Steam players. On the first weekend, nearly a quarter of a million people rushed to the square at the same time. But there is criticism in the reviews: the developers should The pace of the game has been significantly reduced compared to the demo versionbut according to Embark Studios that never happened.

Fast-paced shooter without the pace?

“Fix movement speed.”complains Steamed gonax. “Restoring the beta! The beta was 100 times better”, TECK4L1F3 says. also CEOOfWipe says: “Slowing down the game made it worse.”

Trailer for the first season of The Finals:

Finales: Season 1 (trailer).

In several other reviews, players have complained about the slow pacing of The Finals and want developer Embark to restore beta status. It is said that the game was better in the testing phase. the problem: The alleged changes do not exist.

explained Dusty Gustafson, Embark Community Leader Official Discord channel From the finals:

“We’ve been studying your feedback about the feel of movement from the open beta until now. It was hard to tell because the movement system or movement speed didn’t change between the two tests.

Hence changes in movement are non-existent. But a possible explanation has already been found in Embark.

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The FOV slider is the problem

Or rather that Field of view settings (English field of view) has been reset. In the release version the value is At 71But most players set the value higher (85 to 100). The higher the value, the larger the field of view, allowing for better peripheral vision. So you see more of what’s happening around you.

But this “minimization” leads to one result Fish eye effect at the edges, making movement appear a little faster. So it’s a change in perspective, not speed.

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In addition, there have been adjustments to the animation, which can also enhance the feeling of different pacing. So, if your game is too slow, experiment a little with the FOV slider.