February 22, 2024

New function for WhatsApp: These messages disappear automatically as well

WhatsApp is expanding one of its practical functions. Now more messages can be sent as they disappear.

WhatsApp is introducing a new function for more privacy when chatting in the next few days. The messaging service announced Thursday in one Blog post It announces that in the future users will be able to send audio messages that delete themselves after listening to them once.

WhatsApp therefore relies on the “single viewing” function of photos and videos, which has been around since 2021. Audio messages are also marked with the corresponding icon so that the recipient knows that he can only listen to them once.

Make sure it’s turned on: WhatsApp has a hidden protection function

Warning: You should keep this in mind though the new WhatsApp functionality

Listening to individual voice messages will soon be available on WhatsApp.

Photo: Pond5/Imago

According to WhatsApp, the function is suitable for planning surprises or transferring sensitive data such as credit card information via voice messages.

However, The Messenger service itself indicates thisThis media may also be stored on WhatsApp servers for one-time viewing for a few weeks after sending, for example, in order to be able to enforce the message reporting function.

Just as recipients can independently create one-time copies of photos and videos, this is also possible with voice messages, for example if the recipient has a voice recorder running.

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