May 21, 2024

Stadiums in the USA: It's sports!

The following still applies: Everything is bigger in the United States. European ProAV projects may be technically demanding and immersive, but their American counterparts still go a step further in terms of scale. And nowhere is this more true than in sports facilities – in a country where national sports stadiums and halls with massive LED lights are almost standard.

This is also evidenced by two projects that were recently presented to the public as plans: one for a typically American sport and the other – still – more linked to Europe.

LED umbrella for athletics

The first is a new stadium for the Oakland Athletics baseball team, whose concept designs were presented in early March. Like many amazing projects, the stadium will be built in Las Vegas. BIG and HNTB are involved in the planning, design and architecture.

The new stadium has a capacity of 33,000 spectators. In addition to the designed roof that partly rises above the stadium and a huge cable-mesh glass window, the plan also includes a massive curved LED wall measuring more than 1,600 square metres. This will be the largest screen in the entire MLB.

LED cubes for New York

The other project is from a sports area likely to be expected in Europe of this size: Designed specifically for professional soccer, a new stadium in New York will be home to New York City FC, which until now the Yankees' baseball stadium has hosted its home games. Equipped with 25,000 seats, it is expected to be completed by 2027.

The “cube” will serve as the central attraction: the entrance to the stadium, which will consist of a massive seven-story-tall cube lined with LED lights. In addition, a large LED wall is planned to record scores and information at the stadium.

Now there are only the first plans for both projects, and a lot of water will still flow through the Mississippi River before they are actually built. However, the USA shows that in the sports sector there is still a huge appetite for large LED systems to make sports visits as memorable as possible – after all, advantages over live broadcasts are to be found. Additionally, much additional digital signage will be planned for both projects. Numerous menus can no longer function on their own without a digital menu.

Sports experiences with potential

There will certainly still be some amazing sports facilities in Europe, especially in the football sector. Specialists such as Ledcon or the recently established Trison sports stadium unit work here.

Both projects have been reported invidis Sixteen-Nine content partner.