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HANNOVER (dpa/Lenny) — The Animal Welfare Association is warning of severe travel stress for competition dogs. Although dog sports are good for animals, long and frequent trips to tournaments can stress the four-legged friends, the German Animal Welfare Association in Lower Saxony announced. In Germany, the sport of dog dancing is growing in popularity and the number of tournaments is increasing.

A spokesperson for the Humane Society praised the sport for the movement of animals and their owners. This applies to all dog sports, including the dog dance which is still uncommon in Germany. Humans and animals move rhythmically to current music and tricks. The sport has gained popularity in Germany in recent years, in part through appearances on TV shows. She is originally from the United States.

The Animal Protection Association declared that humans and dogs are subjected to the same stress during a dog dance. This prevents the animal from overworking. The dogs were voluntary and motivated to do so. Long and long trips should be avoided due to stress.

Other experts go further in their criticism: “No dog will naturally enjoy these movements,” says Martina Groppi. The 39-year-old uses dogs in animal-assisted education with children and young adults with intellectual disabilities. The animal is primarily looking for rewards, that is, rewards. Many of the positive aspects of dog dance, especially when living with the animal’s desire to move and obey, can be achieved through alternative activities.

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