December 2, 2023

Germany was defeated by the Czech Republic

Germany was defeated by the Czech Republic

MArcel Nobles was already cheering. But no, that wasn’t there either, the disc just fell off the crossbar. Nobles did not want to admit it, so he threw up his arms, but even that did not change the opinion of the referee in the second third of the World Cup quarter-finals in Helsinki.

It was supposed to be an important day for the German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB). Reaching the round of four in the world championships, as was the case last year. But this did not work out – because the Czechs, who were by no means outstanding, mastered one thing perfectly: the match of the majority.

They scored three times with another player on the ice, and that was enough to win 4-1. Instead of continuing with a trip to Tampere this last weekend, the Germans went home on Friday.

Czech Republic with NHL top scorer

In the end, what was true three years ago in the World Cup Slovakia: historically good preliminary rounds, high ambitions at the start of the knockout stage, against the Czech Republic. At the time it was 1:5, a match that national coach Söderholm didn’t leave for long, as he felt there could have been more.

Beginning of the end: The Czech national team celebrates a goal to make it 1-0.

Photo: dpa

So now is the opportunity to make corrections, and Soderholm saw his team a step further than they had at the time, they now have “more patience”. This was not the only reason why the Germans did not see themselves as outsiders at all, but also due to the enemy. Of course, the Czechs are among the top six in world hockey, but they are no longer on a par with Canada, Finland, Russia, Sweden and the United States.

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