Sponsorship of the Olympic Games is broadcasted live

Sportradio Deutschland and ESB Marketing Netzwerk also put sports sponsors at the focus of Olympic coverage.

National sports radio has always been a reality in countries like the USA or Great Britain. new transmitter Germany Sports Radio He wants to do the same for Germany. Sportradio Deutschland has been shown on DAB Plus and on air via live stream since the end of May. No global politics, no recipes, no chart hits, but pure sports and everything on the 24/7 broadcast schedule.

More than 67 million people can listen to the station. “We are a real target radio group,” as program director Alexandre Fabian calls it. With the Olympics, the broadcast team is now reporting the second main event of its short career. ESB Marketing Netzwerk has become the precursor to Olympic coverage. On this occasion, the announcer conducted with ESB Marketing Network Gallen has established a partnership and will focus more on care.

“Sponsorship is part of sport and it is what makes sport possible,” Alexandre Fabian says. Not only was the promotional character of the sponsorship discussed, but the background to why sponsors such as Toyota for example ditched Olympic-related commercials because the station is not controlled by the publisher, but is managed by the owner, the sponsorship is also being redefined in the reports. Alexander Fabian confirms: “We mention the names of club sponsors or athletes in our radio programs because they were paid for.” “I think Sportradio Deutschland is a real innovation and I am pleased that they are taking such a professional approach to naming sponsors,” says Hans Willy Brooks, Managing Director of ESB Marketing Netzwerk.

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In addition to sports news, interviews and analysis, interaction with listeners is very important. Sportradio Deutschland will become the new ‘campfire’ for athletes, sports enthusiasts and sponsors. Listen to: https://sportradio-deutschland.de/

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