February 23, 2024

Sonos Era 100 Stereo Collection: Get top-notch sound at home for less thanks to Black Friday

We were impressed by the Sonos Era 100 Solo in testing. But what’s better than the Sonos Era 100? Sonos Era 100! The speakers can then be used flexibly as rear speakers and integrated into your existing Sonos system. The two-piece set is also the perfect introduction to Sonos for beginners. Tink is currently making this easier with an amazing Black Friday discount and is offering you two Era 100s in the bundle:

Sonos Era 100: Entry-level model for audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts

The Sonos Era 100 is the smallest of Sonos’ new speakers. Unlike the Sonos Era 300, it can’t play Dolby Atmos, but it shares all the other features of the recent Sonos generation. The Era 100 can establish Bluetooth connections, can be expanded to include line-in for an additional cost, and, for the first time, allows Sonos Trueplay room metering to be used with Android devices.

The Era 100 also has a lot to offer in terms of sound compared to the Sonos One. It also makes a very good figure in home cinema, partnered with the Sonos Beam and Sonos Sub Mini. In the surround set, the Era 100 gives movies more theater, games sound more exciting, and music gets that extra detail. In our individual test, the Era 100 received a score of 8.6, which corresponds to “very good.” This puts it in eighth place among more than 30 WiFi speakers we’ve tested so far.

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Here’s what we liked about Era 100 – and what we didn’t like:

  • Good sound
  • Bluetooth
  • Sonos Trueplay room measurement (also for Android)
  • The USB-C interface can only be used with an adapter

Bottom line: Buy two Sonos Era 100s on Black Friday now and save

If you’re looking for new rear speakers or a good stereo solution for your living room, Tink’s Black Friday offer is currently very attractive. After all, there aren’t a lot of discounts on new Sonos speakers. And they have it all: improved sound, many new features and a new design make it the best entry into the world of Sonos, for less than 500 euros. Since the Sonos Era 100 is brand new, it’s only been discounted by a few euros so far: