April 13, 2024

So the mortal national team can play against Italy

So the mortal national team can play against Italy

This is where the national team trains, which has injury fears

The Swiss national team in training before the World Cup final qualifiers against Italy and Bulgaria.


Great fears of injury to the Swiss national team ahead of the World Cup finals against Italy and Bulgaria. Murat Yakin has building positions in both defense and offense and he has to improvise.

It has been just over four months since the historic victory in the round of 16 of the European Championship over France. The national team managed to bring a wave of ecstasy to the whole of Switzerland. With great commitment and a lot of passion, it was possible to beat the world champion, a squad full of world stars.

This is exactly what the national team must show on Friday if it wants to repeat the coup. Against Italy, the European champion, who was recently defeated again after 37 consecutive unbeaten matches. Against the same Italy that taught Switzerland a lesson in the European Championship and beat them 3-0. It was Rome at the time, exactly where the Group C clash of the World Cup qualifiers will take place on Friday. The winner travels straight to the World Cup – unless they make a mistake in the last group match – the loser must go to the playoffs.

The score 0-0 from the first meeting will give hope to Switzerland. Just like turning on France in emerging markets. The national team has only one problem – and this is a huge problem. Because the five players who started against France at the end of June will not play against Italy because they are injured.

We’re not just talking about regular players. They are definitely key figures, and they are the cornerstone of the team. Captain Granit Shaka. Goalkeeper Haris Seferovic. Brill Embolo who may be in the shape of his life. defensive trump nico ransom And Stephen Zuber, who made the difference to the team more than once in the past few months. In addition, Christian Fassnacht should give another option in the attack.

The big question now, of course, is how Murat Yakin will react to all these failures. “I have to think of other tactical solutions. This will have an impact on the system.” The coach of the national team says. There is no point in complaining now. Solutions are needed.

How can the national team come


With Gregor Kobel, Yakin also has to do without a formidable goalkeeper. But in the net, do not have to worry about the national team coach. Jan Somer, the undisputed No. 1, fortunately not only fit, but also in the best shape.


Nico Elde’s failure weighs heavily. Especially since the possible alternative to him Fabian Sher He has played only two games at Newcastle this season – both in August. But Cher persuaded against Lithuania when he replaced Akanji. defense chief Manuel Akanji He is of course next to him.

Many of the failures “affected the system,” Yakin says. Does he mean that Switzerland will not play against Italy with the usual four defenders, but will switch to three or five – as Vladimir Petkovic loved to play? possible. But after a short-lived loss to Stephen Zuber, perhaps this idea lacks arguments and options. So it can be assumed that Switzerland will also play with four defenses against Italy.

that Ricardo Rodriguez There shouldn’t be any way to get around to the left either way. Even if he had to fight for his usual spot in Turin again. On the right-back position arguing Sylvain Widmer Kevin Mbabo. Widmer, a slightly more defensive alternative, currently has minor advantages.


In the first match against Italy (0-0), Yakin put three midfielders. He’ll probably want to do it again. But then it was missing xherdan ShaqiriWhich Yakin likes to bring as a ten. Shaqiri must play it safe even though his form is also weak Denise Zakaria And Remo Froller.

However, since there are fewer options in attack, Shaqiri may have to move to the right wing – and the center will be reinforced by another player who is strong in tackle and running. Maybe he has the best chance for that Gabriel sows. Renato Stephen And Robin Vargas are the two most exciting candidates for the left wing. So far, Stephen has enjoyed more confidence than Yakin and has better cards.


And in the storm? This question is perhaps the biggest problem for the national team coach. Mario Gavranovic The logical solution would be his experience in 36 matches with the national team. He has recently shone in his new club Kayserispor with three goals and two assists from his last four matches.

However, Noah Okafor, who was first called up by Yakin and is also at his peak this season (9 goals and 5 assists in 20 competitive matches for Salzburg), could be an option. If Yakin wants to play on the counterattack, Okafor may be the first choice with his speed. Or, Yakin plays with two forwards, puts Gavranovic and Okafor, Stephen has to make room, and Shaqiri plays behind tips.

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Al-Zoubi: “The national team should not hide”

Whoever is on the field on Friday – somehow the three points have to be found. “For us, the only important thing is the direct path to the World Cup, direct qualification. That’s how I am, that’s how the team works,” says Yakin furiously. Blue expert Pascal Zuberbühler says: “We are the Swiss team, we don’t have to hide from anyone. I suppose the Italian team can achieve an amazing result and we will be first in the group!”

Pascal Zuberbühler: “Just don’t think about second place”

And the Swiss team plays, on Friday, against Italy to win the group in the World Cup qualifiers. If Switzerland doesn’t win, things could get tight. Pascal Zuberbühler, an expert on blue sports football, has analyzed it.


The humble Swiss national team arrives in a shared car in Lugano

After “stinging” criticism at the arrival of the Swiss football team to the European Championship, the players appeared on Monday morning very modestly on the joint buses of the Swiss Football Association. This means that the national team will start its training camp before playing against Italy in Rome on Friday 12 November, and against Bulgaria in Lucerne on Monday 15 November, in order to qualify directly for the World Cup.