December 3, 2023

Alanis Morissette: What happened to the rock icon in the '90s?

Alanis Morissette: What happened to the rock icon in the ’90s?

A rock icon of the ’90s
Breaking into the charts with “Ironic”: what does singer Alanis Morissette actually do?

What does Alanis Morissette actually do? Alanis Morissette broke into the charts with “Ionic” at the age of just 21. The song established itself as a radio classic in 1995, and the history of music without it can not be imagined to this day. What many don’t know: The Canadian lives between the ages of three and six in the Black Forest. The reason: Her Canadian father and Hungarian mother teach the children of soldiers stationed in Germany at the Canadian military base in Lar. In 1981 the family returned to Ottawa. Three years later, she played on the Canadian children’s show “You Can’t Do That on Television” and financed the production of her first single “Fate Stay with Me”. Her breakthrough came a decade later with the album “Jagged Little Pill” containing songs such as “You Oughta Know”, “You Learn” and “Ironic”. To this day it is one of the ten most successful albums of all time. As a “grumpy white female,” she graced the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in 1995 and became an indie rock icon in the ’90s. In the United States and Canada she won countless awards for her music. In 2002 she met Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds. The two became a couple and became engaged. However, the relationship broke up before the wedding in 2007. She processed the separation in London, where she wrote 12 songs for her new album “Flavours of Entaglement” within 12 days. In 2010, Alanis married six-year-old rapper Sulli. In the same year, the couple had a son. Their daughter was born six years later. The following year she told People magazine about her severe postpartum depression. She struggled physically and mentally for months after the birth of her two children. Through the interview, you want to break the stigma surrounding postpartum depression. She adapts to difficult times with the help of therapy, sports and music. She started a new project and wrote a musical based on her hit album of the same name “Jagged Little Pill”. The musical celebrates its successful premiere in Cambridge in May 2018 and will soon be shown on Broadway in New York. On her tour that same year, the rock icon convinces with a pixie cut and strong vocals – no longer a trace of depression. And on her Twitter account, she also shares insights about her life, which, thanks to therapy, music, and Pilates, is much stronger and happier than when she was depressed.


Rock icon Alanis Morissette made music history with her hit album “Jagged Little Pill” in 1995. But what has happened to “The Angry White Female” since then?

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