EHC Cracking Matthew Mayoni in A-Z Interview: My Love: Hockey and Music

A to Z interview with Matthew Mayune: The 30-year-old Canadian defender moved this week from Dynamo KHL Riga at EHC Munich.

A to Z: Mr. Mayoni, welcome to EHC Munich! Have you been wondering what song you are playing for the new teammates, after all, you not only know the wonderful skills as a hockey player, but also for her vocal performance with the guitar.
MATHEW MAYONNE: (Laughs) No. But yeah, I love the music. It is a hobby that I rise to most for me, where I am very more myself, completely down power. Some do it with reading, others with video games, and for me it is just the world of music, where I then abtauche. I love playing guitar and singing, I’m just still happy.

How good are you
I’m not as good as I would like it to be, but it’s perfect for me to head up to get a free troop refueling. I would say my skills come in waves. In summer, when I have more time, and I play better, then the muscle memory takes control and I can play with a certain ease. And in the winter when I have less time, and I forget the bulk again (laughs).

“Hockey and music are my passions”

What kind of music do you listen to?
I have a very broad taste in music. But I prefer the guitar. I think therefore I can express myself and my feelings better, my brother, however, is totally fixed on the electrics. But I like rocks, folk rocks, but also mineral. Everything is okay. Hockey and music are my great passions.

Then Passion Hockey: What is the key to signing at EHC?
Well, my Dynamo Riga team was now not in the qualifiers and KHL do, but I had the feeling that physically and mentally there is still quite a lot to give. Then, when the request came from Munich, he was a smart draw over the club and the city. I have a good friend Derek Roy called the mine completed and said nothing but better about the organization and the city, and I fired up pretty. After talking to Don Jackson it was clear that his idea of ​​hockey with his likes is almost identical. And I can only say: This man is a legend! He was in the NHL, was taken with the Stanley Cup, Wayne Gretzky as coach, and he got everything there to win. And maybe you should always walk around with a recorder when it says something, so I miss something. I’d be better as a sponge that would absorb everything Jackson has to say – and he has a lot more to say!

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Matthew Mayune runs on a future for EHC.

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Why did you decide to make the move from Canada into a worldwide hockey major six years ago?
Currently. I had to play from shows in AHL, but I have to say in all honesty I made more money in my first year in Europe than I had done so in AHL. I have always been someone who likes to try new things and get into an adventure. I am half Italian, half Greek, but I was born and raised in Canada. We are often used to Europe, and families visit my parents, so Europe was for me never a cultural shock when a number of North American players initially find it. But I had to for me to know if this was a life that made for me. I was lonely at the time, traveling alone, I didn’t speak languages, and I was in foreign countries and cultures. If you do, then you should feel comfortable with it, not feel comfortable. Because at first you don’t feel well. But I loved that life. When you are clear, you just want to experience as many things as possible.

“I was an athlete, of course, always interested in how the body works,” he said.

Her motto of life is ignorance and trust – why is that?
I change over and over again, but I like ignorance means in the course of doing things – only with confidence – because you just aren’t worried that it might possibly trigger Shitstorm or negative reactions. I think many players in hockey lack their potential because they are afraid of making mistakes. But hockey is a game of bug. I let myself be afraid of making mistakes, not preventing them from trying things and taking risks. If you do all this with confidence, ignorance and fear can be a powerful force.

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You realize you have a degree in Psychology. Can it help you in the game sometimes?
On the contrary (laughs). But seriously. I have a degree in Psychology and Biology, but changes in both areas I would like to make strongly refresher courses a lot. Of course I was always interested in as an athlete, how the body works – this is how the psyche, the head work. If both go together, the head helps the body – and vice versa.

the perfect mind in healthy body.

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