June 14, 2024

Scandinavian World Figure Skating Championships: Norwegians win the cross country relay

Scandinavian World Figure Skating Championships: Norwegians win the cross country relay

DrNorwegian cross-country skaters, led by superstar Therese Johuj, won the relay championship. Terrell Odense Wing, Heidi Wong, Juhoj and Helen Marie Voscholm on Thursday beat the quartet from Russia and Finland. The German national team, with Laura Gimmler, Katharina Hennig, Pia Fink and Victoria Karl, continued their fight for the bronze medal for a long time and ended up in fifth place. “We gave it all,” said Henig. “I am very satisfied.” Team manager Peter Schleknrieder saw it likewise. He said, “We must be satisfied.” “You can see that there is potential in the team.”

For Johaug, it was already Allgäu’s third gold medal. Cheers, she hopped across the target area with her national flag. With the Swedish reigning champion, Charlotte Kalla completely suddenly collapsed as the second runner in the 4 × 5 km race, losing nearly a minute and a half in the five kilometers to her and handing her team any chance of winning a medal. The material was not suitable for Scandinavia, which ranked sixth.

Quite different from the Germans. “Wachsler won the gold today,” praised Schlickenrieder, the team behind the team. For Germany, first runner Gimmler moved to Hennig in seventh place. The 24-year-old showed a strong race and raised her team to third place. “It was really exhausting,” Hennig admitted, pointing to the steepest downhill in the race: “Upon climbing Bergstal I thought my lungs were going to jump out of my body.” A chance against Krista Parmakoski from Finland as well as World Cup leader, Jessica Diggins from the United States. Karl crossed the finish line after 1: 06.4 minutes from the winner. In the end it was twenty seconds less than bronze.

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