July 13, 2024

Olympic champions dominate the honor: Golden Mihambo makes the perfect trio

Olympic champions dominate the honor: Golden Mihambo makes the perfect trio

Olympic champions dominate honor
Golden Mihambo makes the perfect trio

At the end of the year, athletes should roll their laurels. The most important German award is “Athlete of the Year”. Long jumper Malaika Mihambo can’t get past this time either. An impressive world record would define the teams and Zverev’s year would be even more golden.

Tennis star Alexander Zverev, long jump queen Malaika Mihambo and women’s fourth track cyclist are Germany’s 2021 athletes. Winners receive awards at Kurhaus Baden-Baden in a ceremony defined by successes at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Zverev and Mihambo were honored as Best Singles Athlete, 4th Track as Team of the Year.

Zverev won the vote after a distinguished year with an Olympic gold medal, two Masters titles and a win in the ATP Finals by a clear margin. The 24-year-old succeeds ice hockey player Leon Drysitl, and for German tennis it’s the first men’s award since Michael Stitch in 1991. Olympic swimming champion Florian Willbrook and world figure skating champion Karl Geiger finished second and third.

“I see my gold medal at home every day. Feelings come automatically,” the tennis star said recently. This year he achieved a lot of success in the hamburger shop. Zverev racked up six tournament victories, including two Masters titles, and a victory in the ATP Finals in Turin, when he crowned himself the best of the best at the end of the season. However, the victory trumps everything else. “Olympic gold will always be above everything,” the 24-year-old proudly asserted.

Mihambo wins the thriller

Mihambo was chosen as the best female athlete for the third time in a row. The choice among German sports journalists was more stark among women than among men: the 27-year-old, who took gold in Tokyo in her last attempt, took the lead in wrestling and canoeist in slalom Ricarda, and Olympic champion Allen Rotter- Fukun Funk via.

“I also visited someone on their deathbed this year and thought it was very, very important to that person,” said long jump queen Mihambo. And it gives me more courage to go the way I go.”

Her trajectory finally led Mihambo to the top this year: After winning gold at the European Championships and World Cup, the 27-year-old was crowned Olympic champion in the long jump in Tokyo. And how. After a real thriller, very tense, with her last attempt at 7.00m. “I think it was the most exciting women’s long jump in history,” said Mihambo.

Three world records lead to gold

The women’s quartet also clearly landed in front of the dressage team and men’s table tennis in the vote. Lisa Brenor, Franziska Prause, Mick Krueger and Lisa Klein set a world record for gold in Tokyo and are now following in the footsteps of last year’s soccer champions Bayern Munich. After the Olympic coup, the four-man motorcycle also won the World Cup and European Championships.

“It’s just harmony, when it works, it’s like sitting on bars,” Klein said. It is the first cycling victory in this category since 2000. At that time, the men’s racetrack was awarded for Olympic achievements in Sydney. In Tokyo, the women shined. During qualifying, Brennauer and Co set a world record of 4:07.307 minutes, which improved again to 4:06.159 minutes in the next round. In the final against Great Britain, they were in the lead from the start, forming a perfect unit on the wooden oval and once again becoming Olympic champions in world record time.

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