December 3, 2023

Six-day Bremen Race: Format reduced to four days

Six-day Bremen Race: Format reduced to four days

Six days in Bremen should become four, that is, six instead of four. Organizers announced on Tuesday. The traditional event, which was canceled in both 2021 and 2022 as a result of the epidemic, is scheduled to take place next January in the period from January 13 to 16, and therefore it is no longer from Thursday to Tuesday as in the previous figure. But from Friday to Monday.

“We want to create more intensity,” Hans-Peter Schneider, managing director of the organizing company, told WESER-KURIER. On the first and last day of the six-day event, it has been very difficult in recent years to attract crowds of visitors to the halls of Bürgerweide. On Tuesday, it was the guests who wanted to watch the exciting final at ÖVB Arena rather than partying in the side halls. Now Monday, one of the six days that many party-loving visitors, especially from Bremen, attend, is supposed to be a day full of spice. Monday with a wide range of entertainment – and above all with the exciting search for the final on the track.

About two months ago, he was contacted by sporting director Eric Wiesvenig, who has also been ESN’s managing director since the beginning of the year, according to Schneider. Before that, there was an idea to add new competitions to the sports program, for example, in a youth format. However, the density of strong young drivers in and around Bremen is not nearly as intense as that of Berlin. Weispfennig’s suggestion was to shorten the duration to four days. “I swallowed it first. But then I thought it was cool,” Schneider told WESER-KURIER. He denied that the extension to four days was an economic necessity. As a result, many costs, such as the extension of the railway, will not be automatically reduced. “The train won’t be cheaper,” Schneider said.

In a European comparison, the trend has been towards default for some time. “There aren’t many people there for six days at a time,” said Hans-Peter Schneider. Tradition is constantly changing. In a press release on Tuesday, project manager Mario Rogo was quoted as saying that the mix of sports and partying should remain in Bremen. This is what characterizes the Bremen concept. “Of course we will continue to do so in the future,” Rojo said. However, the shift has become apparent in recent years. “And we also want to constantly improve our event, which is why we decided on a four-day concept that starts on Friday and ends in the famous Bremen on Monday with the grand finale,” Eric Weispvenig was quoted as saying.

Hans-Peter Schneider said the decision was made in close consultation with national and international partners. An increasing number of viewers and fans from abroad was also noticed in communicating on social media channels. Schneider: “People from Switzerland, Holland and Denmark come to us, whole groups come from Great Britain. We offer them, as well as cycling enthusiasts from Germany, the opportunity with a four-day event to integrate the entire program as part of a weekend trip to watch.”

Event Sport & Nord GmbH (ESN) has been the organizer of the Sixdays for nearly a decade. The shareholders of ESN are M3B Municipal Events Company, AVM Event GmbH and Taste Laboratory Catering & Event Company. M3B owns 24.9% of the shares and the other two shareholders each have 37.55%.

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