February 22, 2024

Höfl-Riesch celebrates his birthday in the USA – and extends it by several hours

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After ending her career as a ski racer, Maria Höfel-Riesch regularly travels around the world. She celebrated her birthday in the United States of America.

MIAMI – Maria Hoefel-Rich seems to have had an excellent start to the new year of her life. With friends and a drink in hand, the former ski racer shows herself off to her nearly 60,000 Instagram subscribers.

date of birth: November 24, 1984 (age 38), Garmisch-Partenkirchen
organized: Partenkirchen Ski Club
Greatest successes: 3x Olympic gold, 2x World Cup gold
End of career: March 20, 2014

Looks like Maria Hoefel Reisch had a blast in Miami

Hoefle-Rich endured some travel stress due to the festivities surrounding her 39th birthday — and we also know that this in no way guaranteed she would have to sleep early on her special day.

“We stuck together really well yesterday,” the former German Alpine track star wrote alongside the photo. “After more than ten hours of flight, we had a really enjoyable evening in the really nice hotel bar at our hotel. So I took full advantage of the extra six hours on Christmas.

Maria Hoefel-Rich celebrates her birthday in Miami. © Maria Hoefel-Riesch/Instagram

Maria Hoefel-Rich celebrates her 39th birthday in sunny Miami

Given the time difference, Hoefle-Rich extended her birthday by several hours, so to speak. Who can blame her? While snow piles up in her hometown and winter temperatures dominate the weather, the southern tip of Florida is currently reporting temperatures around 30 degrees and bright sunshine.

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In one of her stories, Hoefel-Rich also shows a large table in a beautiful setting, which is supposed to be her other birthday celebrations. The Bavarian is on the move a lot these days, recently spending some time in Schwarzsee, which can be found just below the top of the Kitzbühel Horn.

Maria Hoefel-Riesch is currently exploring the USA

About a month ago, Hoefel-Riesch got into a dilemma at a New York airport, where he had to deal with a very long immigration process. The former German ski champion set out from New York on a cruise. With Miami, Hoefel-Riesch is now back in the United States. (orH)