July 14, 2024

Simple Minds: Jim Kerr’s brother has been found guilty

Simple Minds: Jim Kerr’s brother has been found guilty

Great Britain

His brother is a star – he terrifies the couple

Paul Kerr was defying a court order preventing him from associating with a couple. However, he managed to continue to harass the two of them from within the prison.


Paul Kerr, who was already sentenced to nine years in prison, faces an additional four years in prison.


  • Paul Kerr faces another four years in prison.

  • Simple Minds lead singer Jim Kerr’s brother terrorized the couple.

  • Paul Kerr is already serving a nine-year prison sentence for molesting the couple.

Paul Kerr, 49, brother of Simple Minds lead singer Jim Kerr, 64, has been sentenced to a second prison sentence after being found guilty of the crimes. super fan To terrorize the band and his wife. This despite the fact that he already had a ban on contacting them.

Paul Kerr is already serving a nine-year prison sentence for molesting John Fagan, 55, and his wife, Julie, 56. And last week, a judge in Brighton sentenced him to a further four years in prison after he managed to continue terrorizing the couple from prison.

It started with a battle on Facebook

The former Simple Minds tour manager’s psychological horror began when he attacked the couple after an argument on Facebook. The reason for this is that John Fagan, a longtime fan of the band, wrote that Simple Minds’ 18th studio album, Walk Between Worlds, was a “disaster”.

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Then Paul Kerr, who denied the allegations in both trials, threatened to kill John Fagan and pulled Jolie’s hair. Cheerleader, a nine-year-old boy, was also falsely accused sexual assault They posted sexually offensive comments about him and his wife on Facebook.

The couple alleged that Paul Kerr, who told the court he was bipolar, also forged copies of their wedding photos and claimed on social media that Julie Phagan was an illegitimate woman. This describes having sexual intercourse with different partners who change relatively frequently or with multiple partners at the same time.

The harassment did not stop

While Paul Kerr was jailed for his 2020 hate campaign, the harassment didn’t stop there. He was defying a restraining order that prevented him from having contact with the couple. Instead he wrote to the state The UK NHS health care systemand the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) (the regulator for the nursing and midwifery professions) and the police for making malicious allegations about John Fagan, who himself works for the NHS.

Fagan told the Daily Record: “When he went to prison we thought we were safe and we could finally recover, but that wasn’t the case. He started writing to my employer and the NHS chiefs calling me a pedophile and claiming I worked nights downloading the ugliest pornography.”

“There is no excuse for that.”

Prosecutor Stephen Hooper said at a court hearing that Paul falsely accused John of being a pedophile, paedophile and neglecting his patients.

Judge Money told Kerr at the sentencing hearing: “There is no excuse for being as hard on others as you are. They tried to ruin his life all over again.”

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