Similar to Switzerland, the United Kingdom is a state of will. But the desire to hold together crumbles there

The Swiss are proud to belong to a willing country that has four national languages. UK citizens see it similarly, at least until a few years ago. Four different countries gathered under the crown – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. However, there was not much sense of teamwork left.

On the contrary, as last week’s elections showed. The advocates of Scottish independence are stronger than ever, and the Northern Irish Republicans want a referendum in five years to bring the province into the Republic of Ireland. All these nationalists are sick of the English who think they are starving under their yoke.

In fact, the opposite is true: Scots and Northern Irish can vote on English affairs in the Parliament of Westminster, while the English have no say in the provincial parliaments in Edinburgh and Belfast. Support money has always flowed north from London. If Scotland and Northern Ireland keep saying “goodbye”, only Welsh will remain in the British Kingdom.

But they are generally seen as an angry and stubborn breed of people with whom no one would agree. Yes, who would want to live with such people in the Nation of Wills? It’s time to promote an independent England.

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