June 17, 2024

Chelsea owner Abramovich wants to take charge of the Turkish club

Chelsea owner Abramovich wants to take charge of the Turkish club


Will Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea, find a new ball in Turkey?

The Russian oligarch, implicated in international sanctions, plans to join a new football club, despite the precarious situation at his club Chelsea. Dealing with a top-tier Turkish club seems to be of mutual interest.

Roman Abramovich, who appears here after winning the 2012 Champions League, appears to be planning to join a top-tier Turkish club.

stone key

Roman Abramovich has been at the helm of Chelsea for 20 years. Still. Because the sanctions regime introduced by the British government in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which stands out in the relevant list the same ruling oligarchs, made further contact with the Premier League club de facto impossible. With almost unlimited financial potential, the club, spoiled by success and the Champions League champion, faces an uncertain future. For example, Chelsea are no longer allowed to sell fan articles or tickets for home matches; Abramovich cannot sell the club at the moment either.

However, it is clear that the turmoil that surrounded him did not dampen the enthusiasm of the controversial oligarch in the field of football. The 55-year-old is said to be toying with the idea of ​​joining Turkish top-flight club Göztepe Izmir. According to the sports newspaper “Fanatic”, representatives of the billionaire are in talks with the club, as the position of the club’s president has remained vacant since the resignation of president Mohamed Sibyl. A vacancy is now supposed to be filled by Abramovich, controversial in large part due to his closeness to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Sybil recently resigned after eight years in the position.

Sanctions do not apply in Turkey

In their project, both sides benefit from the fact that the strict sanctions regime of the United Kingdom and the European Union against the Russian oligarchy in Turkey is not applied. Two of Abramovich’s yachts are said to have docked in Turkish ports this week.

The club from the Aegean port city should also hope for a sporting recovery in time from the generous injection of money from the Russian, who also holds dual Israeli and Portuguese citizenship. Göztepe Izmir is currently in the relegation zone of the local Süper Lig.

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