June 20, 2024

See, feel and taste Canada, Wiking Reisen GmbH, Newsletter

See, feel and taste Canada, Wiking Reisen GmbH, Newsletter

See, feel, taste – Canada is an experience for the senses. Breathtaking panoramas, elks, bears and Indian summers are eye-catching. The vast and wilderness of the Rocky reveals a sense of endless freedom. The French cuisine in Quebec is definitely even tastier. Small Viking groups find Canada interesting and active: by foot and canoe – from the Yukon to the St. Lawrence River.

Canada: Lots to see
Turquoise blue mountain lakes, raging waterfalls, glaciers – nature lovers can not get enough of the Rocky Mountains. From the canoe you can enjoy the panoramic views of the Adabasca River. Up the Wilcox Pass and the Sulfur Skyline Trail, you will trek along the old locking tracks, with views of the valley of the Ten Peaks. Or explore Jasper on the bike. Many colorful places are guaranteed by the autumn “active Indian summer” experience: colorful forests, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

Canada: Infinite external feeling
Immerse yourself in the wilderness, immerse yourself in the vast land, and experience endless freedom. In Canada, you can feel the infinite external feeling at every turn. Nature enthusiasts roam the Jasper, Banff and Pacific Rim National Parks. Explore Mount Robson and Wells Gray Provincial Park. And hiking in the solitude of the Caribbean Mountains.

Cooking Canada: From hamburgers to hot dishes
The culinary mecca of Canada is definitely called Quebec. The “Quebec Across the Nation” Hiking Tour includes exercise and pleasure, jungle and cosmopolitan cities: hikers capture the Panorama Trail to Big Johansson, trace the moose and bear tracks with a trapper, and follow the cliffs of Sagune Fijord. Enjoy a delicious mix of hamburgers and hot dishes in Montreal and Ville de Quebec.

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More about Canada

Quebec cuisine Very different. The traditional dish “Poutine” is rather primitive, but you should definitely try: French fries with dark gravy and pieces of cheese. Specialty cheese is produced in Quebec and you can only get it locally.

It gives a good travel feeling Canadian friendship: On hiking trails, in a restaurant or supermarket. Canadians always welcome guests wherever they are.

Travel dates and prices in 2022, e.g. B.

Hiking in small groups

4205 – Rocky Mountains by Foot and Canoe: 19 days 3,495 euros, June to September, minimum 7, maximum 12 participants
4221 – Colorful Canada – Active Experience Indian Summer: 12 days from 3,495 euros, September and October, minimum 8, maximum. 16 participants
4206 – Rocky Mountains to Vancouver Island: 20 days 5,195 euros, May to October, minimum 8, maximum 12 participants
4209 – Best of Canada – Intense Discovery of the West: 20 days 5,548 euros, June to October, minimum 7, maximum. 12 participants
4220 – Across the border Quebec: 15 days from 3,895 euros, July to October, minimum 8, maximum. 16 participants