February 25, 2024

Scotland is in crisis – outside the Kingdom – DW – January 23, 2023

Many Scots support this policy of Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. For example, musician Neil McKay. He is one of the most stubborn fighters for Scottish independence. He organized large demonstrations in which thousands of his countrymen protested to secede from the United Kingdom. The spike in energy and food prices is affecting many people between the Highlands and Edinburgh in particular. Sandra Macpherson is one of them. This winter, like many people, a single mother has to choose between “heating or eating” and teaching her children to do without. Supporters of independence blame London for the state of emergency, while opponents blame the Scottish government. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has already announced a new independence referendum despite the unclear legal status. However, at the end of November 2022, the UK Supreme Court ruled that a new referendum could only be held with the approval of the British government. As with Brexit, the question of independence is also dividing the country.

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