May 27, 2024

Dover: Much of the White Cliffs plunge into the English Channel

Dover: Much of the White Cliffs plunge into the English Channel

A large piece of the famous white cliffs near Dover crashed into the English Channel with a roar. Prams capture the natural event in photos and videos, as reported by British media. In social networks, some users commented sarcastically that the scene was a symbol of the situation in the UK. »What a sense of humor, irony and timing in nature: the famous slopes of Brexit-Britain lie in the sea of ​​ice«He wrote using Twitter.

The slopes formed about 90 million years ago. They owe white Its chalky composition – but it is particularly vulnerable to erosion. This is why fragments continue to fall into the sea. In the past 150 years, researchers have found that slopes have eroded at a rate ten times faster than they have been in the past seven thousand years. Information from the portal »Kent Live« According to this, this was only the third time in the past twenty years that such a large chunk had broken up.

Great symbolic value for Great Britain

In addition, the slopes, which are easy to recognize upon arrival by ferry, have a high symbolic value for Great Britain. Tunnels hidden behind the front have been dug for centuries, which were used, among other things, for defense in the Napoleonic Wars. Musicians like Vera Lynn also took inspiration from rock music.

In Germany, too, large parts of the rock face are disintegrating. The chalk cliffs on the Baltic island of Rügen crumble over and over again, sometimes even larger pieces disintegrating. In February 2005, for example, the main battles of Wissower Klinken fell into the sea with about 50,000 cubic meters of chalk, and in 2011 a girl from Brandenburg was killed in a demolition. In addition to the already smooth formation of chalk, the causes of erosion are also the force of waves crashing into the rocks, as well as storms and torrential precipitation. Experts argue that sea level rise is another reason.

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