May 22, 2024

Samsung, Xiaomi, Google, Co.: This will change in the future if you turn off Bluetooth


A new Bluetooth function could soon be available on mobile phones from Samsung, Xiaomi, Google, and Co. Its purpose is to prevent you from permanently deactivating the radio standard.

Android will soon automatically restart Bluetooth if you forget it. (Source: yimgerman/

We now connect speakers, headphones, smart watches and fitness trackers to our mobile phones via Bluetooth. But the technology is now also essential for many system functions on Android mobile phones from Samsung, Xiaomi and Co. For example, exchanging files via Quick Share or finding a lost item only works when Bluetooth is activated. Google has also realized this and seems to want to prevent you from permanently deactivating the wireless standard in the future.

At least that's what the lines in the source code of the next Android version (Android 15) indicate, which is what the online magazine indicates AndroidAuthority Rated. Accordingly, in the next Android version, the system should have the option to automatically reactivate Bluetooth after 24 hours if you turn it off. However, you must agree to this “autoplay” mechanism when it is turned off.

If desired, the system turns Bluetooth on again after 24 hours

When you turn it off, the pop-up should tell you that the technology is important for many system functions and offer to automatically reactivate Bluetooth the next day if you forget. Of course, you can still turn off Bluetooth permanently.

The change may not only affect phones running Android 15. AndroidAuthority According to Google, Google can also implement innovation in older versions of its mobile operating system – for example by updating Google Play Services. However, comments in the source code indicate that the function probably will not be compatible with all Android phones. However, it is still unclear what requirements the device must meet to do this. In the related article we will tell you which devices from Samsung, Google and Xiaomi are scheduled to get the Android 15 update.

Android 15: These phones will receive the update
All information about Android 15

Google is already working on Android 15. We will collect all the rumors about the upcoming update for you below and reveal which mobile phones will receive it.

After the update, a new icon can currently be seen on Android phones from Samsung, Google, Xiaomi, and Co. We'll tell you what the two arrows in the blue circle mean.

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