July 16, 2024

Apple Music now releases spatial audio and lossless songs to subscribers

Apple Music now releases spatial audio and lossless songs to subscribers

Apple announced today in WWDC Conference 2021 Spatial and Lossless audio from Apple Music It will be available to all users today. Now the company is finally rolling out these features to Apple Music subscribers.

Apple announced Makani Audio and Lossless Songs for Apple Music in MayHowever, both functions have not yet been released to users. During today’s WWDC 2021 opening event, the company confirmed that users will receive Apple Music updates today, although no exact dates have been set.

Fortunately, with the day ending, it seems Apple has plenty of time to deliver on its promise. Options to enable spatial audio with Dolby Atmos and Lossless Songs finally appear for Apple Music subscribers using iOS 14.6 and iOS 15 beta. However, not everyone is seeing this option at the moment, which indicates that Apple is doing a slow job with the server side change.

Spatial Audio delivers immersive 3D sound through AirPods, Beats, and other compatible headphones. On the other hand, Lossless delivers high quality, ultra-low compression songs that bring out more detail when listening through high-quality headphones or speakers. Apple does not charge Apple Music subscribers any additional fees for these features.

In the Music app, users can see songs available in Dolby Atmos for Spatial Audio and Lossless. New menus will also appear in the Music app settings to enable and disable both options.

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