February 25, 2024

Samsung and Google are working on a unified Quick Share feature

Samsung and Google have been working together for several years when it comes to developing new software. It was recently announced that both companies are developing Wear OS 5. There also appears to be cooperation in the field of digital data exchange.

This interaction creates a new function that replaces the previous one Google Nearby Share Must replace. Google gets candid Samsung Quick Share Have a function that allows fast data exchange between nearby devices. the Nearby sharing records So it needs to be integrated into Quick Share. An update suitable for the functionality will soon be distributed to Galaxy smartphones. Quick Share is also available on Samsung Galaxy Book devices, while Nearby Share is available for all Windows devices.

Samsung Galaxy S24

Samsung's new flagship smartphone features not only a revised design, but also new AI functions, a new Exynos 2400 and an ultra-bright OLED display.

The main goal of the partnership is to create a standardized method for… Peer-to-peer data exchange Across different devices. Ultimately, both manufacturers decided that it did not make sense to maintain two nearly identical systems in parallel. In addition, we are collaborating with other PC manufacturers to offer Quick Share as a pre-installed function on other devices.

Full integration in the third quarter

Quick Share and Nearby Share are currently offered as separate services on PCs. The two data exchange functions should be combined Until mid-February However, they must be completed in order to receive the services In the third quarter of 2024 They can be combined into one. Once this is done, Android users will be able to enjoy the same seamless file sharing that Apple does with AirDrop.

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